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    Build a Family That Works For Everyone

    What if seeing family for the holidays wasn’t met with a groan? What if having dinner at the table didn’t mean that you keep your opinions to yourself? Could we change the sentiment that we can’t be ourselves around our families, only our friends? I believe we can.


    Get back to the loving connection where your story began.

    Imagine a relationship where you feel comfortable enough to be your silly, sassy, vulnerable, driven, fearful self. Imagine a healthy and vibrant sexual life. Imagine really being known, loved, and accepted by someone else. What can you do in your life with that?


    No One Wants to Get Better at Being Alone

    We are who we are based on the rules and the interactions of our relationships. As children, we learned how to exist in that environment. In dating and marriage relationships, we learn how to be there. But what if your learned self isn’t quite your true self? Are there are parts of yourself you are hiding?

    About Joanna Sullivan, MA, LMFT

    Relationships are a BIG deal.

    We interact in relationships all the time: work, family, friends, neighbors and community, and online communities.

    I will not be giving you the 10 steps to having better relationships (who makes those lists anyway!). Instead, I will listen. I want to hear your story—all of it. No judgements here. I want to know what brings you here today.

    My emphasis is with families and relational systems. Often times, this means we do a lot of individual work. But the goal is always to improve and enhance your relationships. After all, the most important relationship in our lives is with ourselves.