• Survived the Pandemic…now what?

    The past two and a half years have been a challenging time for all of us, but for couples who have managed to survive the pandemic together, congratulations!

    You’ve likely been through a lot, and it’s worth taking the time to reflect on your journey and celebrate your resilience.

    Here are some tips for couples who have survived the pandemic and are looking to strengthen their relationship even further:
    1. Celebrate your successes: Take the time to acknowledge all the ways in which you’ve supported each other through this difficult time. Maybe you cooked more meals together, took up new hobbies, or simply made it through each day with a little bit of laughter.
    Celebrate those victories together, and recognize the strength and resilience you both possess.
    2. Prioritize quality time: Many of us are still working from home. When you’re spending all day every day together, it can be easy to take each other for granted. Make a conscious effort to carve out time for just the two of you, whether that means a weekly date night or a daily walk around the neighborhood. Even if you’re still spending a lot of time at home, prioritizing quality time will help keep your relationship strong.
    3. Communicate openly and honestly: The pandemic has likely brought up a lot of emotions for both of you, from fear and anxiety to frustration and boredom. Make sure you’re checking in with each other regularly as life carries on, and that you’re both feeling heard and understood. If there are any issues or concerns you need to address, approach them with kindness and an open mind.
    4. Take care of yourselves: Self-care is always important, but it’s especially crucial during times of stress and
uncertainty. Encourage each other to prioritize rest, exercise, and healthy eating, and find ways to support each other’s mental health. This could mean taking turns with the kids so one of you can have a quiet bath or prioritizing meditation or therapy.
    5. Keep things fun: It’s important to have a sense of humor, even during tough times. Find ways to inject some fun and levity into your day-to-day routine, whether that means playing board games, trying a new recipe, or planning a future vacation together. Remember, laughter is good for the soul!

    In conclusion, surviving a pandemic as a couple is no small feat, and you should be proud of yourselves for making it through. By celebrating your successes, prioritizing quality time, communicating openly, taking care of yourselves, and keeping things fun, you can continue to strengthen your relationship and navigate whatever challenges come.

    If you think you and your partner are needing more support through couple’s therapy, reach out and let’s set up a session. I am offering marriage counseling online (for anyone in the state of Colorado or Wyoming) or in person in Loveland, CO (near Fort Collins, Berthoud, Greeley).