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    We Moved!!

    Northern Colorado Relational Therapy is so excited to announce that we have moved!! We are bringing more in person counseling to northern Colorado! This move is important for many reasons.

    1. Our new location allows me to have more in-person days available for couples counseling, individual, and family counseling. With the world opening back up, the need for in-person sessions has grown and I am so happy I will be able to accommodate this growth. However, I will still be offering online therapy as well. 
    2. This new office allows me the opportunity to work side by side with some amazing colleagues! I have missed working with fellow therapists and welcome the support and camaraderie. 
    3. The new location also allows me to provide therapy in Berthoud, Loveland, and now Fort Collins! I’m very excited to be able to help more couples, families, and individuals with this new location. 

    Contact me if you’d like to begin therapy or feel free to pass my information along to a friend or loved one who is looking for a therapist.

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